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Aqua Exterior Emulsions


ADORNN AQUA Exterior Emulsion is a specially formulated value for money water-based exterior wall finish suitable for dry to moderately humid climatic conditions. Its modified acrylic binder ensures that paint stays on wall longer than cement paint.It resists fading and gives smooth finish to exterior wall. It also does not require curing as compared to cement paint and therefore saves time, effort and money during application. It provides better anti-algal protection than cement paint

Recommended Uses

ADORNN PAINTS AQUA EXTERIOR EMULSION is used on exterior wall surface. Exterior concrete structures, cement plasters, asbestos sheets, Stucco and masonry surfaces · Excellent for commercial and residential application.

Directions For Use
  • The surface to be painted should be cleaned of all loose paint, dust grease and fungus or algae growth.
  • Only using cement plaster should fill imperfections of surface.
  • Aqua Exterior Emulsions should be applied by thinning 1 ltr of paint with 400 ml. of water with a gap of 4-6 hours between coats.
  • Use of Acrylic Exterior Wall Primer is recommended to set a smooth and better finish.
  • Aqua Exterior Emulsions can be applied by brush or roller.

Technical Data
Areas of Application Cement Plaster, Asbestos Sheet, Concrete, etc
Thinner Municipal / Potable water
Thinner Ratio 40% by volume with water for each Coat
Method of Application Brush / Roller
Drying Time Touch Dry in 30 minutes. Recoating period about 4-6 hours, Coverage on normal
Rough 55-60 sq. feet. per litre in two coats
Finish Smooth & matt Stability of thinned paint : To be used within 24 hours

Safety Precautions

• Store the container with the lid tightly closed in an upright position, in a cool, dry place
• Keep out of reach of children and away from eatables.
• Do not over-thin or over-extend the brush.
• Avoid eye and skin contact. In case of eye and skin contact wash with plenty of clean water. Do not inhale or inject. In case of inhalation move to fresh air and seek medical attention if symptoms persist in both the cases.
• Stir well and strain before use.