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Colour Schemes Creates Beautiful Rooms

If you are trying to create room colour schemes for painting or decorating, the following ideas will make you creative .

Choosing the right paint colour for your home involves many decisions. What is the function of the room? How much natural light does it get? Who will live there? What mood are you trying to create? What is your reaction to a particular colour? And so on.

But when it comes to composing room colour schemes, there is one more thing you need to think about, and that is the relationships between the colours. You see, colour is not perceived in isolation - it is affected by the other colours used next to it. Colours change in relation to one another, so every time you start choosing paint colors for the walls, you must remember to pay attention to the context.
There are several ways to approach creating successful room colour schemes. The first one is to use the guidance of the colour wheel. Its formulas will teach you what colours look good together and why, and help you create paint colour combinations that work.
Another way is to relay on your own reaction to a particular combination of colours. You can do what interior designers do - come up with new and unusual ways of combining colours.
You can also get a beautifully coordinated, ready to use colour scheme by simply copying the colour combinations found in your favorite painting, a piece of fabulous fabric, a flower or even a bowl of fruit.