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DuraPrime Interior / Exterior Wall Primers

Product Description

Dura Prime Interior / Exterior Wall Primers can be used as a base coat for Exterior as well as Interior Emulsions. It has been formulated primarily to compliment the performance of the exterior and interior emulsions. It is used for priming plastered walls, asbestos, concrete, brickwork etc. It dries fast, provides very good adhesion and sealing properties

Recommended Uses

It can be used on all types of exterior as well as Interior cement plasters, exterior ceilings, asbestos sheets, concrete and existing painted surfaces

Packing Sizes

1 LT, 4 LT ,10LT, 20 LT

Performance Features
  • Excellent alkali resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Performs dual function of adhesion to surface as well as inter coat adhesion

  • Do not apply when ambient temperature is less than 10°C
  • Do not over-thin or over-extend the brush.
  • Avoid eye and skin contact. In case of eye and skin contact wash with plenty of clean water. Do not inhale or inject. In case of inhalation move to fresh air and seek medical attention if symptoms persist in both the cases.
  • Stir well and strain before use.