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Does Exterior Paint Increase the Value of Your Home?

A fresh coat of paint improves the curb appeal of your home and enhances the potential value of what may arguably be your biggest investment.

Although an interior paint job might be just as important, most interior designers and architects would agree that new exterior paint is a relatively affordable way to increase the value of your home, significantly. According to Consumer Reports, an exterior paint job can potentially increase the value of your home from 2-5%.
Selecting the right exterior paint will give your home a clean look and help improve its value. However, painting the outside of the home comes with a number of challenges. Here are a few tips to assure a successful project
Freshen up the exterior by using striking colors for the railings, window frames, trim, and other accents.
Select neutral, whites, or creams to appeal to the tastes of the greatest number of buyers.

Even if you decide against a complete exterior paint project, consider painting the front door an eye-catching color to make a great first impression.