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Industrial Paints

Product Description

We are an industrial paint manufacturer & supplier of all types of enamels, red oxides, epoxy finishes, specialty coatings, synthetic finishes, heat resistant paints, epoxy coal tar, epoxy inorganic zinc silicate, heat resistant aluminum paint, quick-drying primers and quick-drying paints etc. The products are accessible in different shades and specifications as per the requirement of the customers. They are resistant to high temperature as well as tough weather conditions. With our industrial expertise, we have been able to cater to an assorted range of industrial paints and thinners. we offer customized coating solutions to various companies.

We offer following range of industrial products:

• All types of Enamels
• All types of Red Oxide primers
• Heat resistance paints
• Two Pack Polyurethane Finishes
• Two Pack Epoxy finishes
• Synthetic Q.D. Enamels
• Synthetic Enamels (Industrial Grade)
• Stoving Enamels
• Synthetic Stoving Enamels (A/D cum Stoving)
• Two Pack Epoxy Primers : Zn. Phosphate / Zn. Chromate / Red Oxide
• Synthetic Primer: Zn. Chromate / Zn. Phosphate / Red Oxide Zinc Chrome
• N. C. Paints & Primers
• Chlorinated Rubber Paint
• Zinc Rich Primer / MIO Primer
• G.P. Thinner
• N.C. Thinner
• Stoving Thinner
• Epoxy Thinner
• Polyurethane Thinner